Why pomegranate is so healthy: everything you need to know about the sacred fruit

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The pomegranate (Punica Granatum) is a historical food and remedy that is surrounded by many legends. In this article we want to tell you what the small red seeds of the fruit have to offer and how the super fruit can support your health.

Did you know that the pomegranate is also called the apple of paradise? It is called this because it is assumed that Adam and Eve did not eat from a normal pomegranate in the Garden of Eden, but from a pomegranate. This is why the pomegranate is also regarded as a symbol of fertility and appears in many Christian depictions.
The pomegranate plays a role in almost all cultures and religions. It is also celebrated as a sacred fruit in Buddhism and Islam and is part of traditions in Greek mythology, in ancient Egypt and in oriental culture.

Why the pomegranate is so healthy

The small red pomegranate seeds contain a variety of ingredients that can positively influence and support your health. The effects of the healing fruit can be achieved through both internal and external application.

Antioxidant effect

Pomegranate has strong anti-oxidant properties and can help protect your cells from harmful environmental influences. It is one of the foods with the strongest antioxidant effect. Especially the heart, blood vessels, nerve cells, liver and brain can be protected from environmental toxins and stress by the fruit’s antioxidants.

Support of the cardiovascular system

The fruit has many antioxidants, which can especially protect the heart and blood vessels. Thus, the pomegranate can protect our cardiovascular system and prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The secondary plant compounds anthocyanins have an anti-inflammatory effect. This means that pomegranate can also help and support the relief of pain, for example menstrual pain or PMS symptoms.

Support of the gastrointestinal system

The paradise apple contains a special acid, ellagic acid. This acid is metabolised by our intestinal bacteria. The resulting breakdown product, urolithin, can counteract inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract and strengthen the intestinal barrier. Not only people with gastrointestinal diseases can benefit from this. Many women suffer from gastrointestinal complaints during their menstruation, which could be alleviated with the help of the power of the pomegranate.

Antiviral and antibacterial effect

Studies have shown that the secondary plant compound polyphenol can help protect your body from invaders such as viruses and bacteria, counteract existing pathogens and thus support your immune system.

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Skin care

The punicin contained in the pomegranate, an omega 5 fatty acid, can protect our skin. Applied to the skin, it has a decongestant and anti-inflammatory effect and can also help to relieve pain when applied externally.

Libido boosting effect

Studies have shown that pomegranate can help increase testosterone levels in women. This in turn can result in an increase in libido. It is not for nothing that the pomegranate has been a symbol of love and fertility for thousands of years due to its aphrodisiac effect.

We have used the multiple potential of pomegranate, both for internal and external use, in our products. Included in our Menstru Belly Oil, it can nourish your skin with a gentle massage and help relieve abdominal pain with its anti-inflammatory properties. Its pain-relieving, antioxidant and immune-supporting properties can also help you during your period with our Menstru Elixir.