Relieve menstrual pain – What helps with menstrual cramps? 

Weiblicher Zyklus Aug 2022

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Are you experiencing discomfort during your period? We'll show you how to relieve period pain and improve your cycle health.

Pain and other discomforts during your period are annoying – but not uncommon. So that you don’t have to suffer from menstrual cramps at the beginning of your next cycle, there are various ways and means with which you can counteract pain or PMS symptoms. Here you can find out which helpful tips, tricks and home remedies can help you if you want to relieve your period pain.

The best tips and tricks to relieve period pain

Period pain manifests itself in many different ways. While some are tired and suffer from nausea or gastrointestinal discomfort, some struggle with severe cramps and pain in the abdomen. In most cases, it is a combination of different symptoms that accompany the start of each cycle. To help you relieve menstrual cramps and have a more comfortable start to your next cycle, we’ve got some tips to help with period pain and helpful information on how to improve your cycle health.

How does period pain develop?

In order to better alleviate menstrual cramps, you should first understand how they arise in the first place. On the one hand, hormones, especially progesterone, are responsible for various changes in the body. These often cause symptoms such as fatigue, headaches or a negative mood, which can become noticeable not only during the period, but also before it as PMS complaints. During menstruation, cramps are one of the most common symptoms. These are generally caused by the uterus contracting repeatedly to help detach the pre-formed mucous membrane from the uterine wall and expel it as part of the period. It is this contraction that can cause the famous cramps that can make life quite difficult during menstruation.

Sufficient warmth

A proven tip against period pains and cramps is to warm the abdomen. In this way you can help the muscles involved to relax and also the contraction of the uterus, which is a common cause of period pain, can be managed a little better. For example, a hot water bottle or a grain pillow can provide soothing warmth. Our menstrual belly oil, which contains St. John’s wort, chilli and black cumin among other things, also provides additional relaxation.

Avoid stress

Stress has a lot of negative effects – on the whole body. Our abdomen is not spared either, because a higher stress level can not only lead to problems with your cycle in general, but can also affect your period and the corresponding menstrual cramps. The reason for this is usually hormones. If we suffer from stress, our hormone balance is also upset. The result is often an irregular cycle and therefore irregular menstruation. If we miss our period for a longer period, the pain that follows can be much more severe than normal. To reduce and minimise period pain, it is important to avoid stress as much as possible. Try to take more time for yourself, put your laptop or smartphone aside or treat yourself to something – be it a delicious meal, a massage or a soothing bath. Our elixirs can also help you here, for example our cycle elixir offers you a lot of support with stress and sleep disorders as well as with cramps if your period has already started. By taking care of yourself in everyday life, you can not only reduce stress, but also your period pain.

Pay attention to a balanced diet

To improve your cycle health, you need to think of it as part of your overall health. So by taking good care of your body and providing it with plenty of good nutrients, you can also help reduce your period pain. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just eat healthy during your period. Try to include healthy proteins in your diet, such as legumes, lentils, beans, etc. You should also make sure you take in enough different nutrients and minerals to prevent iron deficiency during your period, for example. But don’t worry – eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite snacks or the occasional fast food. The right amount makes all the difference in making your diet cycle-appropriate.

Physical activity and sport

Exercising during your period doesn’t sound appealing at first. If you’re lying in bed with period pains and cramps, or simply feel tired and weak, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. And of course, don’t overdo it during your period. Too much exertion could even increase your period pain or cause other symptoms, such as headaches and abdominal cramps. Again, it’s all about the right amount and especially the right type of exercise. For example, there are special yoga exercises that can work wonders for cramps and other menstrual cramps. So before you reach for the next painkiller as a last resort – first try the yoga mat and a few simple exercises to relieve the painful cramps.

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Herbal teas and supplements

Whether you have a cold, gastrointestinal complaints or your period, people always say you should drink tea – preferably herbal tea, of course. However, there is some truth behind this cliché, because there are various types of tea that can make your period pain much more bearable. These include well-known classics like chamomile, lemon balm and ginger. If you want to try herbal teas, you should drink them regularly a few days before your period.

In some cases, dietary supplements can also help relieve period pain. Magnesium is particularly popular here, as it has antispasmodic properties and can also help to inhibit the prostaglandins, i.e. the messenger substances in the body that trigger pain. For more severe pain, magnesium can be taken in the form of capsules or tablets. If you want to prepare yourself before your period and supply your body with enough magnesium, you can also do this through your diet, for example by including foods containing magnesium such as nuts, wholemeal products or bananas in your daily diet.

No matter what ailments you suffer from during your menstruation – by supporting your body during your cycle and taking care of yourself, pain and other symptoms can be alleviated in the long term. And if you want to counteract PMS symptoms and the like naturally and without painkillers, our soothing products like our warming Menstru Belly Oil and our relaxing Cycle Elixir can help.