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We Nurture
the Female

Our vision is a World without Gender Health Gap.

We are Shabnam (CVO) and Antje (CEO), co-founders of the brand Laia’s FemBalance and convinced that the de-tabooisation of the female cycle is a necessity for a more harmonious coexistence on an equal footing – whether in private life, the media, medicine or the workplace.

Women compete with men every day and quite rightly so, but under different physical and mental conditions.

The rhythm of a working day, for example, is based on the male cycle, which lasts about 24 hours. Women’s bodies are not the same every day, because we go through different cycle phases every month, which can be accompanied by benefits but also symptoms. For example, around ovulation we are full of energy and persuasion. Important dates come at a particularly good time. However, these insights are not communicated transparently. Many women are not even aware of the different cycle phases. Yet they spend about 3000 days of their fertile age with symptoms around their periods. But how do colleagues react when period pain is brought up? Often the subject is still tainted with shame. Yet menstruation provides information about a woman’s health and thus plays in the same league as our pulse or blood pressure.

Blaze the Trail
for Female! 

The physical, mental and emotional strength of women, influenced by their cycle, is our narrative.

We ourselves are women with cycle complaints. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or endometriosis have been topics among our colleagues for years, because every woman brings her own story. In the short term, mostly only painkillers help, but they should not be taken permanently and regularly. About half of the new medicines approved in 2018 and 2019 were only tested on men due to the female cycle and the hormonal fluctuations that accompany it. Nevertheless, these were prescribed equally to women. Products developed on the basis of the female cycle are currently still in short supply.

This is where we come in and make the topic of cycle health the focus of all our actions.

The transfer of knowledge to bring the topic of cycle health into the focus of society is just as important to us as providing high-quality products to support women’s health.

We want to encourage women to be open and confident about their cycle and learn to understand it as their superpower.

Through more transparent communication, men can also build a better understanding around the topic, benefit from it and thus take an active part in this dialogue – whether in their private lives or at work.

Our vision is a world without a gender health gap. We can only achieve this together and we are looking for you. Become part of our cycle awareness movement and connect with us.

We look forward to your message and suggestions.

Shabnam & Antje

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